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Perspective Grid Tool - Draw a MacBook Air with Illustrator CS6 (7:40)

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The Perspective Grid Tool was introduces in Illustrator CS5, and allows you to draw things in a 3D perspective with up to 3 vanishing points.


In this tutorial you get a short introduction by creating a dimensional product packaging and a we finally draw a MacBook Air style notebook.


Table of Contents


1.) Perspective Grid - Short introduction
2.) Drawing a MacBook Air in perspective



1.) Perspective Grid - Short introduction


Activate the grid by clicking on the Perspective Grid Tool in your tools pallet. Some key points to keep in mind when working with perspective Grids:

Figure 1: Overview of a perspective Grid with 2 Vanishing Points. The Lock Symbols indicate variables that will get locked with "Lock Grid". This way you don't mess things up once your grid is as you wish.



2.) Drawing a MacBook Air in perspective


Those are the basics. To get your started you find a ready to use template for a product packaging as an Illustrator file to try out what we learned above.


To start drawing our MacBook Air, draw the screen and the keyboard from top down view, as shown in Figure 2A. Next adjust the perspective grid in a way that you want your laptop to look. Finally bring the Objects together on your grid (Figure 2B). You might want to group them first and keep a copy of the original drawing.


Finally you can add details with the pen tool (Grid turned of, Figure 2C).


Figure 2: A Template plains, B Template parts in perspective, C Added details with the pen tool.


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